we know.

people are weird.

it’s mostly a matter of perspective though. a world of humans makes for a big crazy mess. but we see diversity as a playground. we look for reason in the nonsense. and find order in the crazy. together, we can explain the weirdness. and design for the irrational.

we are in it with you. brand t[h]inkers for hire. tailoring long-term strategies. connecting businesses to hearts and brains.

welcome to the make sense academy.

our discipline: sense-ology

in other words: the art of making sense. it surely sounds easier than it is. when you combine the irrationality of people with their cultural codes and contextual identity, you get a big crazy mess. lucky you though: our expertise is to navigate this craziness with tools coming from neurology, psychology, identity design and good-old marketing.


if you want to understand human weirdness, you have to understand where most decisions take place: the brain – and its three driving forces: instinct, emotions and reason.

socio-cultural psychology

it’s not all to understand the biology that drive people’s behavior, you also need to put it into a socio-cultural context and look at past experiences impacting their decisions.

identity design

we then look at identity design techniques to provide a strong foundation for individual and organizational brand-centered strategies.

our lab: triggering aha moments

we use five main engines to share our knowledge and for people to pick from based on their preferences. it goes all the way from self-learning and self-discovery tools to workshops and online courses, as well as consultancy services and co-creation projects.

our blog: inside our brains and hearts

sharing is caring. so here are some of our thoughts about what we see, hear and experience. the good and the ugly. and what we can learn from it. check out the full blog
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