Emotionally. Contextually. Consistently.

People are emotional beings. Addressing them as if they were calculating machines or the rational homo economicus that financial theories would want them to be represents a huge mistake, and a missed opportunity. So you need to establish a meaningful connection with actual human beings, as flawed as they can be. And that connection between you and your audience needs to run deep. You need to address them using words they can feel, and not only understand. But being emotional also means that we behave and define ourselves differently according to the context we are in. One does not behave exactly the same way in public, at the office or with one’s closest friends. And that’s normal. And, in those different environments and states of mind, we are receptive to different sorts of messages. So since people adapt themselves to these contexts, brands should as well. Making sure that you provide the right support, at the right time, in the right place. And still, at the heart, one needs to remain consistent.

Just like your best friend, who you are deeply emotionally connected with, would make sure to provide you with the best support he/she can according to the situation you are in, even if at his/her core, he/she consisttently remains the same person.

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