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focus on your brand, not a product

When I was looking at articles around brand all over the internet, I couldn’t find many that didn’t confuse branding and advertising. In this article, Susan Gunelius calls out these 4 principles that I truly believe in and explain the difference between brand and products, or between brand strategy and product advertising:

  • companies make products, people make brands.
  • products can be copied, brands are unique.
  • products can become obsolete but brands can be timeless.
  • products are instantly meaningful but brands become meaningful over time.

So when you look at your benefits, do not mix the benefits of your product and the benefits of your brand. They should be aligned and coherent with each other, but as many brands have several products, the brand benefits should always be a super set of benefits that can be applied to all products within a brand portfolio while product benefits should be easy to link to 2 or 3 brand benefits to be true expressions of that brand.

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