Cinderella 2.0: a transmedia storytelling fairytale

nowadays, it’s not only about understanding people, but also about how they act and how they define themselves in different contexts, which also applies to the many different channels that they have to consume information. usually, each channel is used for a specific purpose. and if the content in that channel doesn’t meet that purpose, it will be filtered out, almost unconsciously. so while it’s important to be present on different channels, it’s even more important to be relevant in each of them, understanding what your customers expect to see and consume in that specific channel.  each channel contributing to your bigger story.

imagine if the classical Disney story, Cinderella, had taken place in today’s world. what would it have looked like? and how would different channels have contributed to the happy ending?

when was the last time you looked at your channel strategy? does it all make sense to your overall story in a way that the uniqueness of each channel is contributing from its specific perspective? are you delivering the content that your customers are expecting to find in each channel? does it all make sense together? we certainly hope it does.


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