sounds impact your mood

sounds have an impact on our mood. who has never listened to specific songs to boost their energy or quiet down? while some noises like alarms are designed to stress us out since stress increases adrenaline production and makes you more alert and better able to react in case of life-threatening circumstances.

many movies rely on their soundtrack to create the right mood and atmosphere at the right time.

let’s take Star Wars by Lucasfilm Ltd., and its soundtrack by John Williams. There is a lot of literature around the Star Wars soundtrack, and how some of their most iconic tracks are based on very simple and recognizable harmonics. try to imagine some of their iconic scenes, but without John Williams… Here is an example with the Throne Room scene at the end Star Wars: A New Hope.

First, with a different soundtrack:

Not the same, right? Here is the original scene, just to prove the point and refresh your memory – if needed:

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