in 2020, turn your brand into a strong competitive advantage (or get ready for the consequences)

this is exactly the kind of predictive message you’d expect brand people to put out for the upcoming year. But this time, it’s not us delivering the news. growth hackers, SEO specialists, and, of course, other brand professionals from around the world started 2020 with this brand-centric forecast.  

Neil Patel, one of the best SEO experts out there, set the imperative to focus on solid brand-building at #4 in his “Marketing Trends for 2020” list. 

neil patel branding 2020 trends

Neil describes the success that two people had with their products, all because of the specific brands they built: Michael Jordan and Kylie Jenner. in the end, Michael Jordan keeps selling his popular Jordan shoes (and they are still hot on the market), despite him not having played in the NBA for about 16 years. in the case of Kylie Jenner, her make-up brand, despite it not bringing anything revolutionary to the table, has earned her not only a popular fan-base, but a solid business. her success can be directly traced to her much-invested personal brand. even in his own case, Neil confesses that a big part of his success is due to him having strong, solid brand to show: 

“Just look at my agency NP Digital. It’s literally one of the fastest-growing ad agencies out there. And when I look at all of my competitors’ numbers, we are growing at a much faster pace because of my brand. Yes, we have a great team, but again, that really isn’t a moat as a lot of agencies have great teams. It’s my brand that gave us a really fast kick start and continues to hopefully push us up.”

he concludes his point by saying: “You’ll want to build a brand in 2020. Whether it is personal or corporate, it’s the best moat you can build in marketing.”

another preacher of the 2020 branding message is GrowthHackers, one of the leading community platforms for sharing growth-related content and news. for their “2020 SEO trends“, at #5, brand building makes its valuable appearance. according to them, “You will need to go and build relevant mentions. And for 2020, build quality link profiles, as handling and managing linkless brand mentions are essentials. Thus, brand building should be a priority.” 

growth hacking - make branding a priority 2020

many other marketing and branding professionals are looking forward to the 2020 branding-first tide, such as Avinash Kaushik, Search Engine Journal, HubSpot, Branding Strategy Insider, Canva, Creative Bloq, and Deloitte. 

and us? we, at the make sense academy, have recognized the power of good, humane brand strategies since we started working in this field. in the end, apps and trends come and go. but building something solid, that lasts, adapts and can be trusted is what will make the difference between yesterday’s forgotten brands and tomorrow’s brand stars – especially in an ever-changing world. 

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