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Gasly Effect Formula 1 Monza Italian Grand Prix Victory

the Gasly effect

Pierre Gasly, Formula 1 racing driver and winner of the 2020 Italian Grand Prix, has an important lesson to share with the branding community.

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comparing your type treatment to a face-to-face conversation

comparing your type treatment to a face-to-face conversation as you’ve probably noticed, we have something against unnecessary capital letters. the reason being that, as a blog-centric organization, we look at our type strategy as a key element of how we relate to you. a while back, a designer colleague of...

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buurtzorg brand analysis

the beauty of small innovation

the beauty of small innovation as I was scrolling through my social media feed one day, I stumbled across a news update from Dutch nursing company, Buurtzorg. they are one of those interesting businesses I like to keep an eye on from time to time (and if you have read...

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neuroscience discovery neurons in the heart

listening to your heart is more scientific than you think

listening to your heart is more scientific than you think  science is not static. what we know today may be obsolete tomorrow. our innate curiosity and healthy skeptical side make sure that we, as a species, can build on, question, contest, and eventually change our informational status-quo. improving and evolving...

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being cool as a brand or company is a full commitment

“we’re not disciplined enough to be cool” – me

“we’re not disciplined enough to be cool” – me one upon a meeting, in an office not so far away, I said: “we’re not disciplined enough to be cool”. and I love this quote! indeed, one of the most difficult things to fake consistently is… “being cool”. put in other...

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guiding or manipulating influence strategy

guiding or manipulating? the spectrum of influence.

guiding or manipulating? the spectrum of influence. I once read a book about the “theory of influence”. to be honest, I struggled to reach the end as it kept on providing tips, tricks and examples about techniques that felt more to me like manipulation than the sort of influence I...

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diluting your brand like a liquid

don’t be your worst enemy. stop diluting your brand.

don’t be your worst enemy. stop diluting your brand. most psychology experts would probably tell you that you are your worst enemy. that you are the biggest obstacle standing in your own way. knowing yourself usually helps to avoid falling into the easy traps. well, guess what. it’s the same...

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different practices across many cultures

defining “culture” with Geert Hofstede

defining “culture” with Geert Hofstede one of the key aspects we focus on at the make sense academy is cross-cultural communication. being expats ourselves and having traveled quite a bit, we’re very well acquainted with those awkward situations where you don’t understand what the f*&# is happening. mostly because your...

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highly paid personal opinions should not overweigh strategy and reason in organizations

beware the HiPPO’s

after fat cats, here's another creature of the corporate fauna to be aware of, and to be prepared for: HiPPO's. in this case, HiPPO is an acronym standing for "highest paid personal opinion".

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the four necessary “evils” of your business

there is a handful of teams in an organizations that most people prefer to avoid. I like to believe that the reason lies in the fact that they usually are the "stop-the-nonsense" or "stop-the-crap" teams. and I work in one of them and love working with the others. please give...

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map of the Netherlands

are dutch direct?

when it comes to emotions, opinions, preferences and many other things, they are matters of perspective. most of our thoughts are relative to who we are, where we are, where we come from or grew up. and it is by exposing them to different perspectives that we can better understand...

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fat cat alert in branding and marketing

don’t invite the fat cat in

don’t invite the fat cat in instead, focus on what really matters for your brand and leave the rest aside. here’s a question for you: does your brand suffer from “fat cat syndrome”? in other words, do you longingly dream of fame, glory, and everybody’s lips murmuring your brand’s name...

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one. two. many. not three.

I just heard a story about a language that doesn't actually count any further than two. everything more than two is just "many". when you hear why, it actually makes sense.

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what is your center?

most of us have that one simple idea that we prioritize over everything else. that one deep thing we truly believe in and would not trade for anything else in the world. what is that core idea, that essence, that unwavering truth about you?

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ice cubes and pshit sounds

even digitally, our senses can be engaged. some brands protect characteristics like strategic sounds or visuals, like the pshit of a bottle opening or the jingle of ice cubes.

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