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diluting your brand like a liquid

don’t be your worst enemy. stop diluting your brand.

don’t be your worst enemy. stop diluting your brand. most psychology experts would probably tell you that you are your worst enemy. that you are the biggest obstacle standing in your own way. knowing yourself usually helps to avoid falling into the easy traps. well, guess what. it’s the same with your brand. knowing yourself […]

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different practices across many cultures

defining “culture” with Geert Hofstede

schedule a call share it if you like it Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email defining “culture” with Geert Hofstede one of the key aspects we focus on at the make sense academy is cross-cultural communication. being expats ourselves and having traveled quite a bit, we’re very well acquainted […]

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map of the Netherlands

are dutch direct?

when it comes to emotions, opinions, preferences and many other things, they are matters of perspective. most of our thoughts are relative to who we are, where we are, where we come from or grew up. and it is by exposing them to different perspectives that we can better understand our own unconscious biases or implicit stereotypes.

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