making sense

Making sense in today’s reality has never been as complicated.

People have access to information and fake news in a few clicks. The global diversity and widely-spread communication technology forces us to think out of our culture and look at what we all have in common. Languages and cultures shape and develop minds in different ways giving “making sense” a very relative and subjective dimension.

What appeared “simple” in a smaller world 20 years ago, has grown into a vastly more complex matter with more ramifications, requiring a more thorough analysis of the choices we make and their impact.

Reaching out to someone with an external point of view and who can ask the right questions can be very valuable.

…and we love asking question!

individual coaching

You’re a student, a one-person company, looking for a job or just want to structure your personal story and brand? We can help you go through some self-discovery , storytelling and structuring exercises.

startups and SMBs

Fast-growing businesses need strong fondations to sustain their growth. Making sure that you have a business that makes sense in its core and to your main audiences is part of that strong fondation. An outsider view asking the right questions usually helps.

workshops and seminars

From time to time, we gather groups of our coachees and friends from different backgrounds, businesses and expertise areas so we can learn from each other and get a broader perspective.

let’s go for coffee

Practical discussions and exercises are the best way to understand the idea of “making sense”. It can go from a coffee discussion to a one-day workshop.