from a few hours to 2 days, we can facilitate a wide variety of workshops around sensology.
here are our favorite topics but we can always tailor our content to your needs.

understanding humans

in these workshops, we tap into our knowledge in neurology and socio-psychology to explain people’s decision and thinking process, how their brains filter information and how each sense engages different parts of the nervous system.

understanding how humans are wired helps communicate more efficiently, and react better to what can seem as their weirdness.

cross-cultural dynamics

in these sessions, we dig deeper into what makes different cultures and how to build bridges between them.

understanding cultural differences helps build strategies that factor these in from the very beginning, allowing your plans to smoothly adapt to different environments.

identity design

in this track, we cover the different layers that build an identity, the various factors that can impact it and the group of stakeholders that it needs to be relevant to. 

having a structured approach to identity design helps make sure that all dimensions are investigated and that it can be implemented consistently.

note: prices for these workshops vary on size of audience, format, length and more. they can go from 100 € to 1.500 €.

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