Every day is a battle between our instinct, emotions and rational mind.


Even if cultures, languages and society make rules different from one country to the other, there is one thing we all have in common: we are human beings made of flesh and blood. Even if our brains are wired differently, we all have brains, and most of our decisions are taken unconsciously.

As our brains have evolved over the millennia, it has developed 3 main layers:

  • the most ancient one: the reptilian brain assuring our survival and managing a lot of our self-protecting reflexes. It is the most advanced layer since it will be the one taking over all of our body when our life is in danger (from the smallest cut or burn to the most life-threatening situations).
  • the limbic brain is the one playing with our emotions.
  • the neo-cortex is our rational mind.

Even if we prefer to believe that we are objective people, our emotions and survival instincts are preconditioning the way our brains are wired and, thereby, most of our decisions.

Vincent Joris

just trying to make sense of it all.

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