behavior makes human

One of my favorite ads from back home (Belgium, Europe). This basically shows that even a coffee cup can behave with emotions. The way it moves. The sound of satisfaction it makes at the end. All of these are things we can relate to, and connect with. And it just looks cute.


FYI, “Bij koffie hoort Lotus” means “With coffee, Lotus just makes sense”.

friend or enemy

We filter information based on how we categorize the sender: friend or enemy.

Even when provide with the most objective argumentation from our worst enemy, we will always question every piece of it trying to prove them wrong.

On the other hand, when your best friend gives you the most obscure explanation on a topic, you have the tendency to accept it way easier.

The main difference? Trust. And a brand needs to behave in a way that inspires that trust and establishes a relatable and consistently-so persona.

6 layers to a brand strategy

A brand strategy needs to contain 6 different sorts of elements:

  1. a consistent core essence that defines what it stands for at its center, and to which individuals can relate to during every interaction.
  2. a few key differentiators that when put together make that brand truly unique.
  3. three to five items that your audience can concretely benefit from.
  4. behavior attributes that people can identify with when interacting with a brand, as if it was another person.
  5. a story that will engage an audience emotionally by transporting them through a narrative they feel part of.
  6. sensorial elements that activate as many senses as possible to deepen the connection through different levels of connection.