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highly paid personal opinions should not overweigh strategy and reason in organizations

beware the HiPPO’s

after fat cats, here’s another creature of the corporate fauna to be aware of, and to be prepared for: HiPPO’s. in this case, HiPPO is an acronym standing for “highest paid personal opinion”.

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the four necessary “evils” of your business

there is a handful of teams in an organizations that most people prefer to avoid. I like to believe that the reason lies in the fact that they usually are the “stop-the-nonsense” or “stop-the-crap” teams. and I work in one of them and love working with the others.
please give a warm welcome to the four pillars of the business police: legal, geopol and inclusiveness, finance and brand.

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fat cat alert in branding and marketing

don’t invite the fat cat in

schedule a call share it if you like it Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email don’t invite the fat cat in instead, focus on what really matters for your brand and leave the rest aside. here’s a question for you: does your brand suffer from “fat cat syndrome”? in […]

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