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buurtzorg brand analysis

the beauty of small innovation

the beauty of small innovation as I was scrolling through my social media feed one day, I stumbled across a news update from Dutch nursing company, Buurtzorg. they are one of those interesting businesses I like to keep an eye on from time to time (and if you have read Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations, then […]

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neuroscience discovery neurons in the heart

listening to your heart is more scientific than you think

listening to your heart is more scientific than you think  science is not static. what we know today may be obsolete tomorrow. our innate curiosity and healthy skeptical side make sure that we, as a species, can build on, question, contest, and eventually change our informational status-quo. improving and evolving are qualities that are deeply […]

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guiding or manipulating influence strategy

guiding or manipulating? the spectrum of influence.

guiding or manipulating? the spectrum of influence. I once read a book about the “theory of influence”. to be honest, I struggled to reach the end as it kept on providing tips, tricks and examples about techniques that felt more to me like manipulation than the sort of influence I was hoping to learn about. […]

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different practices across many cultures

defining “culture” with Geert Hofstede

defining “culture” with Geert Hofstede one of the key aspects we focus on at the make sense academy is cross-cultural communication. being expats ourselves and having traveled quite a bit, we’re very well acquainted with those awkward situations where you don’t understand what the f*&# is happening. mostly because your cultural reference is different. sounds […]

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highly paid personal opinions should not overweigh strategy and reason in organizations

beware the HiPPO’s

after fat cats, here’s another creature of the corporate fauna to be aware of, and to be prepared for: HiPPO’s. in this case, HiPPO is an acronym standing for “highest paid personal opinion”.

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