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neuroscience discovery neurons in the heart

listening to your heart is more scientific than you think

listening to your heart is more scientific than you think  science is not static. what we know today may be obsolete tomorrow. our innate curiosity and healthy skeptical side make sure that we, as a species, can build on, question, contest, and eventually change our informational status-quo. improving and evolving are qualities that are deeply […]

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the four necessary “evils” of your business

there is a handful of teams in an organizations that most people prefer to avoid. I like to believe that the reason lies in the fact that they usually are the “stop-the-nonsense” or “stop-the-crap” teams. and I work in one of them and love working with the others.
please give a warm welcome to the four pillars of the business police: legal, geopol and inclusiveness, finance and brand.

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map of the Netherlands

are dutch direct?

when it comes to emotions, opinions, preferences and many other things, they are matters of perspective. most of our thoughts are relative to who we are, where we are, where we come from or grew up. and it is by exposing them to different perspectives that we can better understand our own unconscious biases or implicit stereotypes.

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